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peppermint butler is basically a devil worshipper but bubbline is too inappropriate for kids?????


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I made thecandykingdom at a time when i needed happiness in my life. And i know i don’t reblog or post all the time, its mostly bc my life has completely changed over the past 3 years.
But i want to thank everyone who has stuck around. And i am so sorry to the recent followers. I have a lot of fun with this place i created and i love sharing everyone’s art. You’re all so talented and make the stories of adventure time 1,000 times better.
And now i can say without doubts, i have time to make this blog fun again.
So if y’all have ideas, please share!
I definitely want to collaborate with artists to maybe do giveaways or fundraisers! Give artists a chance to do some things for fun and make samples and explore new concepts and ideas. But let me know what y’all think!!!!

If anyone is interested in this project, pls contact either thecandykingdom or @buddh1sm (which is my main blog)

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occult peppermint butler edited by me
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This bombastic embroidery hoop would look algebraic hanging on your wall. It would also make a totally math gift for your best homie.
Find it here
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2014 Winter Special Cover A by Becky Dreistadt